『Tokyo Succulent Fes 2019』入場整理券配布のお知らせ

『Tokyo Succulent Fes 2019』にご来場のみなさまへのお願い

今年で第4回目を迎えるTokyo Succulent Fesでは、混雑緩和のため入場整理券の配布を予定しております。当日は係員がTOCビル13階会場までの誘導を行いますので、皆様のご理解とご協力を宜しくお願いいたします。


【配布場所】TOCビル 1階 正面玄関前



※ 入場整理券の配布はお一人様1枚まで、ご本人様のみに手渡します。代わりの方へはお渡しできません。
※ 整理券は当日に一度限り配布いたします。事前に整理券を手に入れることはできません。
※ 会場となるTOCビルの近隣の店舗や住民の方々、他のお客様の迷惑となる行為はかたくお断りいたします。
※ 荷物や張り紙等での順番確保、割り込み、会場周辺での長時間の座り込みはご遠慮ください。
※ 会場周辺での飲食、飲酒、喫煙はご遠慮願います。
※ 整理列への割り込みはくれぐれもお止めください。
※ イベント当日は係員の指示に従っていただきますようお願い申しあげます。

関東カクタス専門家連盟 会長 靍岡貞男

A request to visitors to Tokyo Succulent Fes 2019

As this will be the 4th year of Tokyo Succulent Fes, to reduce congestion, “queue tickets” will be distributed to early comers in the morning.

About queue ticket distribution [Distribution Place] TOC building, the ground floor front entrance
[Distribution Time] From 8:00 AM on July 7 (Sun)

Flow of entry in the morning

Once you have your queue ticket, our staff will escort you to the 13th floor of the TOC Building. Please then make a queue in order of your queue ticket numbers at a designated place.

We do appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

You do not need a queue ticket to enter the event. If you arrive after the distribution of the queue tickets on the ground floor, please go up to the 13th floor and wait in the queue. [Notes] *One queue ticket is handed to one person only for that person.
*No queque ticket is given out before the mentioned time. *Please avoid any ruckus that might disturb other customers, nearby stores or neighbors.
*Please refrain from securing your position in queue with luggage or posters, or long-time sitting around the venue.
*Absolutely no cutting in line please.
*No eating, drinking and smoking around the venue.
*Please follow instructions of our staff.
*TSF is not responsible for any trouble among visitors.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Federation of Cactus Specialists in Kanto
Chairman, Sadao Tsuruoka